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Valleys & Hills

Valleys & Hills symbolize the pattern that form a diamond's outermost edge. This edge is called a "girdle". The thickness of the girdle rises up and down in a series of "valleys" and "hills". 

This symbol denotes the brand's pride in applying subtle yet elegant details to our line of diamond jewellery. 

Why our quality differs: 

We use only the highest quality gemstones - this means all diamonds used in our jewellery (pavé or <0.30 carats) fall within strict standards: DEF for color grading and IF-VS for clarity. This is differentiated from online retailers who might not list detailed diamond specs in their jewellery. 




Made in Hong Kong

Compared to mass manufactured jewellery brands in Hong Kong whose craftsmanship might originate from less reputable sources, V&H maintains all sourcing, designing, manufacturing, polishing and repairing of our fine jewellery within the borders of our city. 

We are a long-standing member of the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong (DFHK) and we are proud to call ourselves "Made in Hong Kong". 



Official GIA Retailer

Valleys & Hills is recognized as an official GIA retailer; offering GIA trained staff as well as GIA diamonds/gems. You can find us by inputting "Sheung Wan" in location lookup. 






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