Lab Diamonds vs. Imitation Luxury Bags: A Different Comparison


People often ask us about lab diamonds. 

As traditionalists in the business - they're not our favorite. But we also understand why they exist. Same reason why some people prefer to buy fake luxury bags rather than real ones.

But in this case, the comparison between real and fake luxury handbags vs. lab and natural diamonds - is not the same.

The reason why people debate whether luxury bags are "worth it" or not focuses directly on branding itself. If we assume that both real and fake luxury bags uses leather produced from the same cow - the only difference is authenticity.

There is a popular leather craftsman influencer who cuts up luxury bags and breaks down the cost of leather and materials associated. People are surprised at the luxury markup - usually 10x.

Leather Bag Influencer:

Luxury diamond brands have this markup too. As well as lab diamonds. Just because lab diamonds are affordable does not mean their margins are low. On the contrary, they are very high,. 

But the difference is: we are not comparing a Cartier diamond or a non-Cartier diamond from the same diamond mine.

One took billions of years to form in the Earth's crust and the other is created in a lab. Both are arguably beautiful, but one has a finite nature while the other can be manufactured infinitely.

Australia's Argyle Mine was famous for producing pink diamonds for 30 years. They closed it down in 2021 because production has finally run dry. At some point in the distant future, lab diamonds can probably be manufactured from an assembly line at an extremely low cost.

We are not here to tell you that natural diamonds are extremely rare. They only started mining for diamonds in Canada - in 1998. Some mines shut. Some mines open. But comparing it to the non-proprietary technology behind creating lab diamonds - natural diamonds are definitely more rare.

Also, think twice about the "sustainability" of lab diamonds. It takes massive amounts of energy to replicate what the Earth did naturally over billions of years. Mining is not necessarily the devil.

Again we want to emphasize: we are not against lab diamonds.

There is a market for people who do not want to pay so much for a natural diamond. But please understand the simple economics behind it so you know what you're paying for.

It's also great if you want a 5-carat pink diamond and don't want to pay $12 million USD. I think this is the best case for lab diamonds.

But if you want a piece of the real stuff which was created by Mother Earth - contact us :)

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